Adelina Comas Herrera May 2017

Short bio:

Adelina Comas-Herrera is Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (formally PSSRU) at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She researches economic and policy aspects of the care, treatment and support of people with dementia, and long-term care financing. Co-lead of the Strengthening Responses to Dementia in Developing Countries (STRiDE) project, a multi-national research project funded by the UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund involving Brazil, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, and South Africa.

She worked on the “Modelling Dementia” (MODEM) research project which aimed to estimate the impact, in terms of costs and quality of life, of making evidence-based interventions for dementia more widely available in England.

Was co-author of the World Alzheimer Report 2016, which considered how to improve health care coverage for people living with dementia. Member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Guideline Development Group for Risk reduction guidelines for cognitive decline and dementia and has been a consultant for WHO’s Department of Ageing and Life Course and the Inter-American Development Bank.

A list of her academic publications is available here.

All the views expressed in this blog are her own and not those of her employers or collaborators.

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